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Leading the Way in Competence

Aalto PRO training solutions emerge from unique combinations of practical knowledge and the most recent research information. Aalto PRO offers a versatile selection of education and training services and an extensive trainer network. Aalto PRO works together with its clients to customise new, unique learning experiences in an easy and flexible manner.







In Aalto PRO, the most valuable research information meets practice, and theoretical knowledge is merged with working life skills.



In Aalto PRO, we train forerunners in competence to create solutions for tomorrow.



Aalto PRO provides experts with the tools to become pacesetters in their field by offering them solutions and ideas for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Aalto EE Aalto PRO Aalto ENT

Aalto EE for top management and future leaders

Aalto PRO for experts

Aalto ENT for entrepreneurs 

Aalto EE provides global, high-quality executive education and development services. Aalto EE's quality is illustrated by its success in international rankings and accreditations. Only 0.4 percent of business schools have all three internationally most respected “Triple Crown” accreditations. We are building a better world through better leadership.

Aalto PRO gives a professional headstart. Product development, commercialization, project management, supply chains and quality and the built environment – Aalto PRO's offering is a unique combination of practical expertise with Aalto University's latest research-based information.

Aalto ENT promotes entrepreneurship with an agile hands-on approach. We provide SMEs with solutions for developing existing and creating new business. Our offering for entrepreneurs will be launched in spring 2014.


Aalto PRO

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Aalto University

Aalto University was created through a merger of three Finnish universities: the Helsinki School of Economics, the University of Art and Design Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology - all leading and renowned institutions in their respective fields and in their own right.

The combination of three universities opens up new possibilities for strong multi-disciplinary education and research. Aalto University's ambitious goal is to be one of the leading institutions in the world in terms of research and education in its own specialised disciplines.